COmmercial Stonework in Central Ohio

Build up your commercial property with high-quality stonework features and driving surfaces that are built to last. Whether you have a large multi-family investment property, a commercial business property, or an office or warehouse property, the stonework plays a critical role in keeping operations on track and ensuring tenants, customers, and business partners can navigate the area. At Sheedy Paving, we provide commercial construction and stonework services, ranging from excavation and repairs to new masonry fixtures like walls, walkways, and parking lots. See how stonework from our central Ohio business can make all the difference in yours.

Why Natural Stonework From Expert Masonry Contractors

Natural stonework installations provide several advantages over other material choices. With services from Sheedy Paving, your property can have:

  • Long-lasting walkways, driveways, and parking lots that stay level and well-formed for years to come
  • Aesthetically pleasing paved services that make it easy to navigate your property
  • Extremely durable features that can withstand exposure to the elements, wear and tear throughout the years, and heavy cold spells that are part of Ohio winters

Stonework encompasses a wide range of construction services, and one of the most crucial is stonework in paving. If you want new or fully replaced asphalt driveways, parking lots, and walkways on your property, stonework is an essential step in the process. Our team will prepare the area with comprehensive preparation and installation services.

Part of the preparation includes excavation to lay out the design for the new installation, with precise adherence to your design and minimal disruption to the surrounding area. Our team will install and compact a stone sublayer so your new roads and walkways have a stable, level, and compacted surface for laying down asphalt. Our team is experienced in Central Ohio-area asphalt and stonework projects, and we’re familiar with the local codes and permitting requirements to meet all architectural and engineering needs for your next project.

Who We Serve

Sheedy Paving has been serving businesses throughout our community since 1941, and we provide reliable, high-quality paving, stonework, and stone-setting services for retail, commercial, and industrial properties. We’re proud to serve property owners and managers like:

Property Management Companies and Other Private Clients

If your existing property needs additional walkways, roadways, or expanded parking lots, our team of masonry construction experts is here to help. We can expand, rebuild, and modify existing installations with comprehensive excavation, stonework, and paving services. Make sure your properties retain their curb appeal.

Retail Space Owners and Managers

High-quality parking lots and driveways are an essential element for commercial properties. Customers need to know exactly how to navigate across your property, and they need plenty of convenient parking. With stonework services from Sheedy Paving, you can rejuvenate your property with additional footpaths, level parking lots with well-defined lanes and medians, and more. We’ll work with your architects and project managers to ensure your new installations are up to code and present a positive ROI for your business. We also serve industrial and warehousing property owners.

Development Companies

Set the groundwork for new construction with fast and reliable excavations and stonework options. We can install and compact gravel and stone so new roads and sidewalks can quickly be laid out. Whether you’re developing a new neighborhood or transforming raw land into a new center of commerce, our team can lay the road for builders at the start of your project and for tenants and residents at the end of the build.

Get Stonework Building Elements From Sheedy Paving

Sheedy Paving is the local expert in all things stonework and paving. Contact us today to learn more about our services or get a quote for your next project.

Image Credit: Alison Hancock, Shutterstock