Concrete Contractor in Central Ohio

Concrete makes up a surprising portion of our world—even the parts you can’t see. From thick roadways and interstate supports to skyscraper foundation support beams buried deep underground, the modern world couldn’t be built without modern concrete products and contractors who know how to use them.

At Sheedy Paving, we specialize in bringing durable, long-lasting concrete constructions to central Ohio. Since 1941, we’ve provided high-quality paving solutions, from main streets to driveways. Learn more about our services and our commitment to quality in our shared local community, and hire a concrete contractor near you.

Services We Offer

We provide comprehensive commercial concrete construction services for local businesses, roads, multi-family residential projects, and more. See how our commercial concrete contractors near you can help with your next project, whether it’s concrete or asphalt.

Concrete Construction

Upgrade your property with bright, smooth concrete surfaces. Whether your property needs a bigger parking lot, more entryways, or wider driveways, our team can do it all. We install sidewalks, curbs, and driving surfaces. Our team can follow your blueprints and custom design parameters for new commercial spaces and residential developments. Our construction and installation options include curbs, stairs, catch basin collars, precast catch basins, sidewalks, and concrete pads.

Concrete Repair

Need to address cracks, wear, and other signs of disrepair on your property’s concrete services? For over 20 years, Sheedy Paving has provided central Ohio with trustworthy concrete repair services, with repair and replacement options for everything from sidewalks and dumpster pads to retaining walls and driveways.

Additional Asphalt Services

Have a mix of concrete and asphalt surfaces you need to manage? We can also complete your asphalt projects with the following:

  • Asphalt Paving: Choose us for new roads, overlaying existing roads with new pavement for a fresh and crack-free finish, or patching services. Professional asphalt paving can significantly increase your property’s curb appeal and allow more traffic. We know the local codes, ordinances, and regulations for Ohio parking lots, driveways, and roadways.
  • Asphalt Milling: Remove old roads or get rid of broken patches with our convenient asphalt milling services. We use green practices to mill down thicknesses from 0.10 inches to 12 inches with precision and complete adherence to your quality standards.
  • Stonework & Excavation: Start your concrete projects with our reliable excavation and stonework options. We lay and fine-grade stone so your property has a compact, well-draining surface before asphalt installation. It’s all part of our turnkey paving services.
  • Sealcoating & Asphalt Sealing: Protect your driveways, roads, and parking lots with long-lasting sealcoats from Sheedy. Our crack filling and seal coating services include hot pour, cold pour, fiberized, and non-fiberized options so your installations last longer.

The Benefits of Using Concrete for Commercial Building Projects

Concrete offers several advantages over asphalt for modern constructions and installations. Some of the key benefits you can access by using our concrete services for your next commercial building projects include:

  • Increased durability for years and use without cracks, crumbles, or disrepair
  • Low maintenance, especially compared to asphalt
  • Recyclable material for environmental friendliness and a green brand reputation
  • Fire resistance
  • Waterproof characteristics that make it more resistant to rain and heavy snow
  • Easy to pressure wash for a like-new look
  • Can create more complex and sturdy shapes for different surfaces and installations


Need Help With Your Concrete Needs? Contact the Experts at Sheedy Paving Today

At Sheedy Paving, we’re committed to providing local businesses with the concrete services they need. Speak to a concrete contractor near you today to learn more about our comprehensive installation and repair services, or request an estimate for pricing details. Our friendly team is always available to answer your questions about design, concrete specifications, local code requirements, and timelines to set up your project for success.


Image Credit: Bannafarsai, Shutterstock