Asphalt Paving Services in Central Ohio

Whether it is new construction or existing asphalt, we have numerous solutions for completing your project. Located in Columbus, Ohio our team specializes in designing custom solutions for your needs around the area of Central Ohio.

Commercial maintenance, renovation, and repairs can be challenging, especially for new commercial property owners. Establishing appropriate project specs, understanding relevant regulations and ordinances, and finding the right contractor are just a few of the hurdles business owners face when starting a new construction project.

As a business owner or property site manager, you may find paving projects especially daunting, as commercial paving installation and repair projects are not an everyday service. If you’ve never hired a paving company before, not even to handle your own driveway, it’s hard to understand what’s involved, what questions to ask, and how to find the right contractor. But if you want to maintain, repair, or renovate your business’s parking lot, drive-through, or other paved surface, here’s what you need to know.

Types of Asphalt Surfaces We Pave

Before you get started, it’s important to understand the surface you’re working with. Asphalt and concrete sites are quite prevalent among Central Ohio businesses. If your sidewalk, roadway, or parking area is composed of these materials, you’ll want a contractor with extensive experience handling these materials.

If you’re working with an asphalt-paved surface, you may need maintenance and repair services. Asphalt is ideal for long-lasting paving that reduces road noise, drains water well, and can be installed quickly by the right contractor. It’s also one of the most aesthetically pleasing options available. However, asphalt surfaces, especially those improperly installed and not maintained, can develop cracks, depressions, and other damage over time.

Sometimes, paving damage can be found beneath the surface of the asphalt, in what is known as the subgrade. The subgrade is the material layer beneath the paved surface and on top of the soil, providing a level foundation for the asphalt or concrete. When the subgrade is damaged, you need a contractor capable of properly excavating it and installing new stonework.

Paving maintenance and repair doesn’t only involve using asphalt, concrete, or fine grade stone. In some cases, fiberized or non-fiberized crackfill solutions can be used. Sealcoating, which provides an extra protective layer on top of asphalt, can also be used to repair pavement, provide an attractive finish, and mitigate oxidation and weather-related damage.

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Why Hire a Professional Paving Contractor for Commercial Paving?

If you’ve performed residential or commercial pavement maintenance in the past or are looking to handle minor repairs yourself to save money, you may want to think twice.

  • Prevent Liability and risk. Businesses are liable for damages for injuries suffered on their property, which includes parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways. While online videos may make minor repairs seem easy, you’re taking a huge risk doing it yourself. If you perform your maintenance and repairs improperly, not only will you lose time and money, but you could also face a hefty legal bill.

  • Following laws and regulations. Additionally, every town, city, and state has numerous construction-related laws, regulations, and ordinances, many of which affect pavement work. Failing to comply, even if inadvertently, can result in costly fines, as well as lost time and money. Business owners and property managers will generally benefit from experienced local paving contractors who are well-versed in laws, regulations, and ordinances relevant to Central Ohio businesses.
  • Experience. Hiring a contractor can also help you fully understand what your options are. An experienced contractor who’s worked on multiple paving projects will have a deeper perspective on popular design and material choices that match your technical needs than you will if you’re approaching paving maintenance/repair for the first time. They’ll also have a solid supplier network that may be able to get materials quicker and cheaper than you can. And they may also be able to help you identify damage you missed and evaluate risks you hadn’t considered.

Sheedy Paving Has Solutions for All of Your Paving Needs

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Whether you’re dealing with asphalt or concrete, you want your business’s next paving project in the hands of Sheedy Paving Inc. Serving Central Ohio’s businesses for more than 82 years, our family-owned business has the expertise you need in asphalt and concrete pavement solutions. Our skilled employees not only know how to make your pavement structurally sound and attractive. But with our substantial experience in Central Ohio, we know the laws, regulations, and ordinances your repair or installation must follow to be in compliance.

For four generations, we’ve proudly served Central Ohio with quality service and lasting solutions to the business community. We’re excited to help you realize your vision for your business’s surroundings in a timely and affordable manner. If you need pavement repair, maintenance, or installation services, look no further than Sheed Paving, Inc. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your business’s paving needs.

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